Tomatoes at Ten Weeks


These are the tomatoes that I started on January 1st of this year. The plants that are in the beds are between 12 – 24-in tall and most are starting to flower. Most of these first round tomatoes are paste tomatoes. I would like to make sauce with each to see if any rival or beat the San Marzano. The plants all suffered hail damage a couple of weeks ago, so some time was lost in development to recover from that damage. All of the tomatoes bounced back from hail damage and most appear to be thriving.

Here’s an overview video:

Here are some photos of the Les’ Sweet Japanese, San Marzano, and Cherokee tomato plants.

I also started a journal which I will try to update weekly so I can track plant development and fruit yields.

March 13 2018 Tomato Log

There are more tomatoes in my yard than these. I will start updating them when they reach the flowering stage (at about 8 – 10 weeks). I planted more in mid-January and  February. I will plant the final winter round this weekend when the last of the seed arrive.

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